Our commitment to you:

[A] Apart from data needed for you to acquire licenses to our software products, we collect no personal data from you through our apps and programs.

[B] We have at no point any knowledge of the keys that you may use when operating MarpxPrivacy. That is your private information.

[C] MarpxPrivacy (with or without Private Exchange Tool files) ideally is operated on personal computers or devices that are not connected to the Internet. Even when connected, the program transmits none of your data of any sort to any server.

[D] We do not retain for the long term the unique Private Exchange Tool (PET) files issued to Extreme Encryption™ users. The ideal would be an arrangement under which PETs are expunged totally and quickly from our records, once they have been transmitted to a secure escrow arrangement in which no-one, repeat, no-one may have future access to issued PET files except under a judicial order from a United States FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Court as requested by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

More information:

Customers from around the world may get a free download copy of MarpxPrivacy, now without even registering. You can use it as is for all kinds of privacy needs. Some features such as automatic keys will be entirely new to you, so please take time to browse through the table of contents of the illustrated manual. The same manual is included directly in the MarpxPrivacy program, accessible at all times through the Get Help button on every page.

Want even more information? See an explanation of MarpxPrivacy, Extreme Encryption™, automated keys, and other features in a ten dollar book available anywhere in the world from Amazon.com -- Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits! by Douglas Lowry. Who should be interested in the social impact of this technology? Perhaps you! Here is a list, the outline of chapter 7 in the book: citizens of totalitarian regimes; cybersecurity and national security personnel; government units suffering cyber thefts / cyber invasions; businesses with proprietary information; people who are fed up with constant invasions of their privacy; people who care about the dignity of the human person; hackers; Mark Zuckerberg; Xi Jinping; and the U.S. Supreme Court. Mr. Xi Jinping will not be amused, but perhaps you will find this chapter a good read.

Download anonymously your Free MarpxPrivacy

If you download the self-extracting Zip file, you can simply run the downloaded file. Be sure to unzip it into a location where Windows allows you to write files. (The manual page 030 at the bottom explains that problem.) If you download the Setup version, be sure to save the download file, right click on it, and run it as ADMINISTRATOR. Some browsers make that hard to do, so in worst case, download the Zip opton and copy the resulting MarpxPrivacy directory and all its contents to somewhere where you are permitted to write.

Unless you as an individual are doing very unusual things, chances are that you have no need of anything stronger than MarpxPrivacy. Your wallet is safe. We collect no information about you. Just click on the download, install as administrator (if you are not sure how, read the first section of the online manual), then set up some confidants (oh yes, the manual), and enjoy decades of hassle-free, key-free secure exchange of confidential information with your colleagues, friends, and/or whoever.

Register for Extreme Encryption™

MarpX Extreme Encryption™ is an ultra-strength security tool for messages and files. It is for use only in the United States by organizations and persons who are not disqualified under Export Administration Regulations. By registering, you accept the obligation not to export this product.

You must have the free MarpxPrivacy program in order to use the Private Exchange Tool (PET) files. The PETs are add-ons to MarpxPrivacy.

As with much software, we have to impose a no refunds policy. That's because you have the full value the moment you receive it, and there is no way in which that value can be returned. Therefore, you are expected to install and become familiar with MarpxPrivacy and especially its roster of confidants before you place an order for Extreme Encryption™ PET add-ons. Your use of the free software prior to an order ensures that you will have a positive experience.

Click on one of the icons on the software page to register and to place an order.

A delay in your first Extreme Encryption™ order

As a United States firm dealing in high technology, some of our software products come under the jurisdiction of the Export Administration Regulations of the Bureau of Industry and Security (U.S. Department of Commerce). We take steps to comply with those regulations.

[A] The Bureau of Industry and Security, Commerce issued a rule on January 7, 2011 that exempts "publicly available mass market encryption software ... in object code" from export controls. See Federal Register, Vol. 76, No. 5 page 1059. Our MarpxPrivacy product qualifies under this exemption. It is publicly available on the Internet free of charge, and every unit is identical.

[B] Each and every shipment of our MarpX Extreme Encryption™ Private Exchange Tool (PET) files is unique. Therefore, MarpX Extreme Encryption™ is not currently for export from the United States, and customers are held responsible not to re-export these products. Caution: The regulations interpret export in broad terms. For example, you may not knowingly pass PET files to citizens of embargoed countries (Iran, North Korea, and others), even though they are physically present in the United States.

[C] We therefore look up each first-time customer on the U.S. government's Consolidated Screening List. A further requirement: "In the event that a company, entity or person on the list appears to match a party potentially involved in your export transaction, additional due diligence should be conducted before proceeding." The government's Consolidated Screening List denies export or even distribution within the U.S. to selected organizations, entities, and persons. This requirement on average may add an extra business day before your first Extreme Encryption™ order can be fulfilled.

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