August 2019 -- new book release

Go to to purchase copies, either ebook or print, of Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits: How Marpx Extreme Encryption Works by Douglas Lowry, Ph.D. [M.I.T.] If you stayed awake in high school math classes, you are on your way to understanding a neat method of post-quantum encryption. Preview the book here.

MarpX Good Privacy -- free version

MarpX Good Privacy is a scaled down version of Extreme Encryption™, based on the same patent application. If is fully documented at For each file or message, you may choose any seven letters as a key. The hacker is confronted with 8 billion possible keys; that's not bad privacy! You may download it for free from anywhere in the world. Go to Shopping Cart, MarpX Good Privacy, select quantity one, register, and download.

MarpX Better Privacy -- subscription

MarpX Better Privacy is ideal for commercial and professional security needs.Monthly subscriptions at $10 US are available at and annual subscriptions at $100 US may be purchased at


Note that we are required by U.S. law to check whether or not you are qualified as a recipient. Expect a delay of one business day. Your card will not be charged until the download has been released to you.

MarpX Extreme Privacy -- Extreme Encryption™

MarpX Extreme Encryption™ is available only as an enterprise product. Normally, we would cooperate with your software engineers to build the technology into your software. Independent try-out subscriptions are also available; these have an interface similar to MarpX Better Privacy.


Given the power of this product, we are restricting its use to select organizations with a vested interest in U.S. national security. Is this discrimination? Yes; the Cleveland cell of Al Qaeda and a lot of other groups will have to do without!


If you are interested in this technology for your organization, please contact Stephen Feher. He will need to know who you are, what your organization is about, and your needs. You may reach Stephen at or 740 317-4847. Thank you.

Privacy Goals Achieved


Privacy goals achieved

In our research, development, and 2017 patent application, we believe we have fully achieved each of the following goals. The overall purpose is to make life extremely difficult for hackers of messages and files. You are invited to judge the success and the quality of these endeavors!

  1. Destroy all meaningful patterns in data (in technical terms, "high entropy" results).
  2. Resist brute force attacks. Make attacks difficult with MarpX Good Privacy, make attacks 438 times more difficult with MarpX Better Privacy, and render brute force attacks impossible ("computationally infeasible") with Extreme Encryption™.
  3. Blindfold the hacker.
  4. Maximize efficiency of encryption and decryption.
  5. Add research capability (search and text data mining) to encrypted content.
  6. Achieve full scalability in the light of the quantum computing threat.