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Our flagship product, Extreme Encryption™, enables customers to ensures protection against data theft.  Ideal for anyone who needs to protect data from certain loss including; 
  • Health Care (patient data and health records)
  • Legal (legal contracts, trusts and estates, patents and intellectual property) 
  • Financial Data (pro formas, tax documentation, financial reports) 
  • Corporate Information (Strategic planning, operations, management) 
  • Human Resources (Personel files, records, and documentation) 
  • Insurance and Investments (policies, reports, and portfolio data)  
  • Education (student records, performance and financial information)

What do you get? 

When you purchase Extreme Encryption, you get the complete encryption program and 1500 separate, unique, and fully-functional security keys.  These keys are critical to the encryption protocol;  each key is used to encode/decode the dataset.  Users can choose single-use key functionality for the most secure encryption possible (hackers would not know which key you may have used).  Keys ARE re-usable if you wish.  

Why Extreme Encryption™?

You'll find complete details about this product here.  Go ahead and read until your heart's content. 

Here's the summary: We're engrossed with encryption and data security to the point where it's more than a preoccupation. We hestitate to say that we're 'unbreakable', but we'd love to see someone try and hack a properly protected Extreme Encryption™ data file.  

Shipping and Delivery 

With great power comes great responsibility.  With encryption technology this powerful, we're very careful about who has access to this software.   Compliance with the United States Export Administration Regulations means that we cannot deliver this product to addresses outside of the United States.  

Even more, we don't trust delivery of the software over the internet -- because there are too many ways that software and keys can be falsely obtained and downloaded.   We mail USB flash drives to customers via United States Postal Service so that we can ensure compliance and security.   If you'd prefer us to use FedEx or UPS, simply let us know. 

Billing and Invoicing

You will be billed by our fulfillment partner, The Ridgefield Group, Inc.  All credit card charges will appear as coming from The Ridgefield Group. 

All questions regarding payment processing, order processing, and fulfillment can be directed to them at


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