MarpxPrivacy -- FREE

MarpxPrivacy is a Windows program, totally free to anyone in the world. It encrypts any file or message you want to send privately over the Internet or store in the cloud. Nobody can read it other that the intended recipients. If a hacker is after your files and messages, or if an autocratic government wants surveillance of your thoughts and loyalties, here is some rather good protection. Using ordinary equipment, and trying a possible key every second, it would take 111,000 years for someone to break through the protection of one message or file... and another 111,000 years to break the next one. If the bad guys have lots of smarts and massively powerful computer equipment that could try a million keys a second, it would still take forty days and forty nights for them to get access to even one file or message. In other words, MarpxPrivacy makes it too expensive to get at your stuff. As for mass surveillance, forget it; no hacker and no regime can afford that any more. Click here to learn what to expect and then get your free copy.

MarpX Extreme Encryption™

In the United States there are organizations that might want something stronger. No problem, our U.S. Patent # 10,505,715 provides that too. Forget measuring hacking time in years, measure instead in lifetimes of the universe. This product will be available in the United States only. Currently we would like a few knowledgeable persons in either cryptography firms or national security to try out a new alpha edition of Extreme Encryption™. If you qualify, please contact Steve Feher at 740 317-4847.

More information on MarpX technology

Use this link to access Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Qubits: How Marpx Extreme Encryption Works by Douglas Lowry, Ph.D. If you stayed awake in high school math classes, you are on your way to understanding a neat method of post-quantum encryption. $9.99 US for the ebook, $15.99 for the print edition at

There is a lot more (free) detail at

If your organization has a vested interest in U.S. national security, if it is U.S. based and U.S. owned, and if you are interested in building this technology into your organization's software, please contact Stephen Feher at or 740 317-4847. Thank you.