A Challenge to Hackers 

To protect yourself, check me out on Google "Doug Lowry Steubenville". I am the inventor and patent applicant for the Extreme Encryption group of products. You should find enough online to be persuaded that I am committed to your dignity, and that I don't create malevolent links or files.

This file was produced using MarpX Good Privacy encryption. This is the easiest level. If you have success with that, we can go on to the more difficult MarpX Better Privacy, and perhaps even -- for maximum bragging rights -- to our Extreme Encryption™.

Your bragging rights will be more secure if you observe some ground rules for this exercise:

  1. Set aside techniques such as social engineering, lurking behind insecure firewalls, or taking advantage of human naivete or stupidity. Any system can be made to fail by those methods.
  2. Instead, focus first on the degree of entropy in the encrypted file. Can you detect patterns that enable you to trim the tree of possible keys?
  3. If you are able to detect patterns, share with us your findings. Let us know, for example, whether you have to mount a full brute force attack. By the way, there are only 26 possibilities in each of a seven capital letters key. That's just over 8 billion unique possible keys.
  4. Share with us whether you are able to recapture the plain text file. What's it about? HOW MUCH RESOURCES DID YOU NEED -- time, computer capacity, etc.?

Contact me by email at dlowry [AT] marpx.com.

If you succeed, we will give you prominent notice at https://marpx.com -- your name or nom-de-plume and up to 100 words. (In the process, if you wish to question my intelligence, that's perfectly okay.)

My bet is that you CAN break it, if you go at it seriously. Then we can move on to Marpx Better Privacy.


Doug Lowry
Professor of Business and Marketing (ret.), Franciscan University of Steubenville
President, Marpex Inc.

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